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Mark Holcomb

Marketing Results, LLC

"I worked with Dianne Cubbage and METHOD Marketing + Media on two critically important accounts, which were in a state of chaos when Dianne was retained to take charge and get them straightened out and in order.

In less than two months the ship was righted and sailing. As the Chief Marketing Officer for Marketing Results, LLC, I've worked with many qualified media buyers in my 22 years in marketing, and Dianne is head-and-shoulders above the best.

What I appreciate most about Dianne is her analytical ability, her experience, and how well she interacts with people, both internally and externally. She maintains excellent media relationships, which benefits clients, is thorough with her media research and recommendations, and is a tenacious, but fair, negotiator working on the client's behalf. Dianne has excellent communication skills, is organized, and has attention-to-the-details follow-through.